A Real estate development, or property development is a company that has the creation of residential and commercial property for sale or marketing of the subject.
An important aspect of property development (as opposed to the contractor) is that the developer gives the purchaser the ownership of the land and the buildings he has.
The "normal" Contractors, however, who may also act as a general contractor or general transferee, built on a plot, which already belongs to the client.
Since no real property is transferred, these contracts - as opposed to the developer contract - not notarized certification of charge, but are concluded privately writing generally.

The property developer builds with private or privately financed cash at his own risk.

After selling one unit he receives discounts from the buyer to all the services that are already provided (purchase of land, creation of the shell, etc.) according to strict requirements of the legislature and the broker and contractor Regulation.

Here lies a major difference from the contractor, which provides a set of works on leased land, and for that he receives the instalment payments by the customer, which are based on progress of a structure.